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Subsurface ground penetrating radar (GPR) transforms forensic investigation and UXO detection by enabling non-invasive exploration of the subsurface in high resolution. From detecting clandestine graves, to mapping UXO contamination zones, it's now possible to achieve reliable and easily interpretable data that can be visualized in real-time in 3D and augmented reality.

Explore the advanced solutions for forensic investigation and UXO

Subsurface GPR surveying

Achieve dependable data for crime scene analysis, burial detection and forensic investigations.

Large-scale UXO & forensic investigation

Create detailed maps of large forensic sites or UXO-contaminated areas with mobile mapping

Multichannel GPR Mapping

Capture extremely powerful insights of subsurface objects and voids with real-time 3D data visualization.

Data post-processing & analysis

Gain advanced analysis into your findings and verify your data with unmatched efficiency.

Advanced GPR sensor and software for UXO detection and Forensic Investigations

Capture ultra-clear, real-time data for forensic investigation and UXO detection with intelligent, state of the art sensor and software solutions that deliver unmatched insights into hidden objects and voids.

Capture what lies beneath

Subsurface GPR surveying

Identify and locate objects with high precision and ease thanks to the power of Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave GPR technology and powerful software for real-time visualization. Further enhance your findings with incredible augmented reality to display subsurface targets on site.

Subsurface Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GS8000 subsurface mapping GPR


The everyday GPR mapper

Streamline project workflows

Multichannel GPR mapping

Harness the advantages of parallel processing to accelerate forensic and UXO detection data acquisition and achieve unmatched data density for highly detailed investigation. Multichannel GPR mapping empowers forensic investigators and UXO specialists to uncover buried evidence and threats with high accuracy and efficiency.

Multichannel GPR Mapping System

GS9000 Multichannel Subsurface Mapping GPR


The multichannel GPR mapper

Enable new capabilities

Large-scale forensic investigation and UXO

Accelerate forensic investigations and UXO detection with the efficiency of mobile mapping. Using the vehicle mounted multichannel GPR, you can seamlessly map large-scale forensic sites or UXO-contaminated areas with detailed 3D data visualization in real-time.

Multichannel GPR Mobile Mapping System

GM8000 Mobile Mapping GPR


The ultimate subsurface mobile mapper

Save time and money

Data post-processing and analysis

Transform your GPR data into actionable insights in seconds with intelligent post-processing and analysis. When even the faintest subsurface anomaly can hold the key to unlocking crucial information, data post-processing and analysis is an important step. With powerful software, you can rapidly post-process and deeply analyze even the largest data sets from any PC or tablet.

GPR Data Post-processing and Analysis Software

GPR Insights web-based post-processing and analysis software for all types of GPR data

GPR Insights

Web-based GPR data post processing and analysis software

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