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Increase  value

Asset owners

Leverage comprehensive solutions to assess the integrity of your residential developments, ensuring a longer lifespan and increased long-term value.

Enhance quality 

Construction firms

Streamline inspection and quality control processes, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of defects that could lead to rework or structural problems.

Optimize inspections


Deliver comprehensive and accurate inspections to meet standards, regulations and inspection codes, with ultra-fast data analysis and reporting.

Explore efficient inspection solutions for residential construction

Visual Inspection

Record visible damage such as cracks or spalling in the touch of a button.

Utilities Location

Subsurface GPR is a popular solution to assist in various stages of the construction process.

Defect Detection

Detect hidden defects in concrete, such as cracks, voids, and delamination.

Concrete Characterization

Determine the properties of concrete, detect weak spots, locate best spots to drill.

Save time and costs on your construction assessments with efficient solutions

Enhance visual inspection

with intelligent software

Revolutionize your visual inspections on residential construction sites with intelligent inspection software to automate many processes, reduce human error and make reporting faster. With Inspect software for construction inspection, you can also create detailed full-scale 3D scans of the entire construction site, measure dimensions, and keep all notes, photos and drawings together in a geolocated map for fast access and better collaboration.

Ensure excavation safety

with subsurface ground penetrating radar

Subsurface GPR is a popular solution to assist in various stages of the construction process, from planning to structural monitoring. Before excavation of development sites, GPR is used to locate utilities and create detailed maps and 3D visualizations in real-time to ensure there are no hidden features that may affect the foundation of design of the building. During construction, GPR is an efficient method to identify underground pipelines, cables, foundation structures and voids that could compromise quality of the building

Detect defects in concrete

with ultrasonic pulse echo

Ensure the quality of the concrete meets specifications and detect any defects early with ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE) technology. UPE structural imaging enables fast determination of concrete homogeneity and strength estimation with real-time imaging and large-scale 2D, 3D, heatmap and augmented reality visualization modes. You can also use it to measure the thickness of concrete and locate deep subsurface defects.

Check concrete compressive strength

with rebound hammers

Ensure a reliable and cost-effective way to assess the strength and uniformity of concrete with rebound hammer testing. This non-destructive method enables control of concrete curing for formwork removal, accurate estimation of compressive strength of concrete and mapping of concrete uniformity. With high portability, an entire test region can be fully assessed in less than 10 minutes and reports generated on the go.

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