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Ensure safety

Railway Operators

Extend the lifetime of railway assets, ensure safety and minimize non-conformance costs of mitigating failures after they happen with preventive NDT for railroad components.

Detect issues

Maintenance companies

Detect potential issues on the track, or in metal train components before they cause disruption, or downtime with efficient NDT solutions that deliver fast, accurate results.

Enhance tests 

NDT Technicians

With periodical and planned NDT inspection you can confirm safety and reliability of railway lines, axels, bolts and train wheels, or identify defects early before they cause potential damage.

Discover advanced NDT equipment for railway applications

Visual inspection

Identify and map any visual defects with high efficiency, automated photo capture and fast reporting.

Flaw detection

Detect a wide range of defects in railway lines and train wheels including cracks, voids and delamination.

Hardness testing

Measure the hardness of new train wheels to ensure sufficient mandatory mechanical strength.

Explore preventive solutions for NDT on railways and train wheels

Optimize visual inspection

with intelligent software

Unlock high efficiency on your visual inspections for railways with intelligent asset inspection workflow software that makes the task easier, quicker and more organized. Using the customizable checklist workflow, you can ensure nothing is forgotten, while the 3D scan capabilities enable you to create a full-scale reality capture of the railway or train itself for faster measurements, data analysis and reporting.

Inspect rail welding

with ultrasonic testing (UT)

Ultrasonic testing is a popular non-destructive method for inspecting welds in railway applications and to inspect metal components like train wheels. The advanced ultrasonic testing solution for this industry is phased array testing which delivers an image of the interior of the metal. Using a portable ultrasonic flaw detection device, you can also measure thickness of metal components and confirm that railway lines and train wheels meet safety standards. Discover reliable ultrasonic flaw detectors for railway inspections.

Measure hardness of train wheels and axels

with portable hardness testers

Measure the hardness of critical railway components such as wires, bolts, train wheels and axels with high precision. Hardness testing delivers valuable data on approximate mechanical strength, brittleness, wear, fatigue and many other issues without damaging the component. Equotip portable hardness testers are commonly used to inspect existing and new train components including new train axels to ensure they can withstand the heavy loads and high traffic of railway services.

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