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Increase long-term value

Asset Owners

Gain comprehensive insights into the current condition of your asset to help you develop strategies to extend the tunnel's lifespan, reduce costs, and adapt to evolving needs.

Minimize disruptions

Tunnel Operators

Ensure tunnel users have a seamless, safe journey and continued reliability by deploying efficient solutions to detect any issues that could impact the stability of the tunnel.

Deliver superior results

Engineers & Inspectors

Leverage efficient methods to collect, analyze and report structural health data, empowering you save time in the field and deliver the superior quality results - in real-time.

Explore non-destructive tunnel inspection solutions

Visual inspection

Boost efficiency on tunnel assessments with intelligent inspection workflow software.

Rebar & PT cable detection

Detect rebar configuration and post tension cables with 2D, 3D or AR visualization.

Defect detection

Detecting defect and delamination in tunnel lining with 2D heatmaps and 3D scans.

Tunnel lining thickness measurement

Determine the thickness of the tunnel lining and detect any voids behind it.

Compressive strength testing

Assess concrete compressive strength of tunnels with a versatile and reliable solution.

Rebar corrosion assessment

Map areas of high corrosion risk, with real-time data visualization and analytics.

Rebar cover check

Locate rebar, check concrete cover and achieve accurate rebar diameter estimation.

Concrete resistivity testing

Assess concrete surface and bulk resistivity with accurate data results.

Say goodbye to tunnel vision with clear insights at every stage of the asset lifecycle

Enhance tunnel inspections

with intelligent inspection software

Make tunnel assessments more efficient by using intelligent inspection and asset management software. Enable a thorough examination of the tunnel's interior surfaces, including the walls, ceiling, and floor, to document visible signs of distress, such as cracks, spalling, and delamination. With Screening Eagle Inspect, the field team can easily provide valuable information about the overall condition of the tunnel and identify potential areas of concern for further investigation.

Detect rebar and PT cables

with ground penetrating radar (GPR)

GPR offers a groundbreaking solution for non-destructively locating rebar and post-tension cables in bridges with remarkable precision. Gain valuable insights into the rebar configuration and post tension cables and transform your bridge assessments. With Screening Eagle's Proceq GPRs, you can easily locate and map rebar and the entire PT duct layout to check they are properly placed or for any potential anomalies. Visualize the data in 2D, 3D or augmented reality (AR).

Detect defects in concrete tunnel lining

with impact echo

A fast and popular technique for detecting defects and delamination in tunnel lining is impact echo. This non-intrusive technique delivers clear 2D heatmaps and 3D scans to establish the intrados profile and any irregularities. Impact echo can also be used in conjunction with ultrasonic pulse echo to correlate the results for ultra-clear data.

Detemine thickness of tunnel lining

with ultrasonic pulse echo

In some countries, inspecting the tunnel lining is a compulsory test on all new road tunnels. To determine the thickness of the tunnel lining and detect any voids behind it, ultrasonic pulse echo (or impact echo) is a powerful solution. Voids can cause big issues in the tunnel lining as it disturbs the waterproof membrane, allowing water pressure to build up causing corrosion or potentially leaking through into the tunnel. Check out the efficient ultrasonic pulse echo solution.

Assess compressive strength of concrete

with rebound hammers

The humble rebound hammer stands out as a versatile tool for assessing concrete compressive strength of tunnels. By comparing rebound values from different sections of a tunnel, engineers can identify areas where environmental stressors have compromised concrete integrity. This fast and cost-effective approach safeguards tunnel integrity and prevents costly repairs. You can also use specialist rebound hammers for accurate estimation of penetration rates for tunnel boring machines.

Assess rebar corrosion

with half-cell potential technology

The reinforcement of concrete tunnels is usually protected by the waterproof membrane, but as tunnels age and defects appear, the rebar become susceptible to corrosion. Half-cell potential is a fast and reliable method for evaluating the likelihood of corrosion. With the Profometer PM8500 corrosion sensor and iPad app, you enable rapid and reliable on-site scanning, empowering you to pinpoint and map areas of high corrosion risk, with real-time data visualization and analytics.

Check rebar cover and diameter

with Eddy current technology

From metal detection and minimum rebar cover checks to accurate rebar diameter estimation, Eddy Current is a versatile technology for tunnel inspections. With the productive digital workflow using the Profometer PM8000 cover meter, you can scan the concrete and visualize the data immediately as 2D line scans, area scan views, heat maps and even augmented reality for clear analytics and understandable reporting.

Test concrete resistivity

with a concrete resitivity meter

Concrete resistivity to electrical current is a crucial indicator of its quality and durability. For tunnels, where concrete plays a vital role in structural integrity, resistivity testing provides valuable insights into potential structural deterioration. With an easy-to-use solution like the Proceq Resipod resistivity meter, you can assess concrete surface and bulk resistivity with the highest resolution and accurate data results.

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