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Subsurface ground penetrating radar (GPR) is transforming archaeological exploration. With its ability to explore buried structures and elements without disturbing the delicate remnants of history, GPR is an invaluable tool to create high-resolution maps of the subsurface, understand the layout of an archaeological site and identify potential areas of excavation.

Discover the advanced solutions for archaeological exploration

Subsurface exploration

Scan the subsurface and create detailed images of archaeological deposits or structures.

Large area exploration

Experience deep and near surface exploration covering vast areas with mobile mapping.

Multichannel GPR surveying

Map the subsurface of an entire archaeological site with real-time 3D data visualization.

Data post-processing & analysis

Verify your data and gain even deeper clarity and insights into any voids or structures.

Powerful subsurface GPR sensors and software for Archaeological Exploration

Capture clear, real-time data for archaeological surveys with intelligent, state of the art sensor and software solutions that deliver unparalleled insights into historic features below the surface.

Digitize on-site findings

Subsurface exploration

Generate high-resolution images of the subsurface and map the location and depth of buried features, such as walls, ditches, and pits. With the unparralleled accuracy of Stepped Frequency Wave GPR, you can achieve a comprehensive archaeological survey in just one scan. View the results immediately in 2D, 3D as you walk.

Subsurface Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GS8000 subsurface mapping GPR


The everyday GPR mapper

Capture 3D reality

Multichannel GPR surveying

Expand the range of archaeological deposits that can be investigated at greater depths with the use of multichannel GPR. Utilizing parallel processing, multichannel GPR significantly enhances the speed and density of data acquisition, providing archaeologists with a wealth of information about buried archaeological features. Use multichannel GPR to create accurate maps of buried features in real-time, guiding explorations and excavations with precision.

Multichannel GPR Survey System

GS9000 Multichannel Subsurface Mapping GPR


The multichannel GPR mapper

Open new frontiers

Large area exploration

Explore and document large-scale archaeological sites with ease using the transformative power of mobile mapping systems. Using a multichannel GPR array like the GM8000 mounted to a vehicle, you can achieve the highest density subsurface data and create detailed 3D maps at highway speed.

Multichannel GPR Mobile Mapping System

GM8000 Mobile Mapping GPR


The ultimate subsurface mobile mapper

Gain enhanced insights

Data post-processing and analysis

When surveying archaeological and heritage sites, even the smallest feature can have important meaning, so processing and visualizing the data can be just as important as the survey itself. With intelligent GPR post processing and analysis software, you can extract meaningful archaeological insights in seconds to gain a deeper understanding of the site and its features. This is crucial for planning further investigations, such as excavations, and for developing a comprehensive understanding of the site's history and cultural significance.

GPR Data Post-processing and Analysis Software

GPR Insights web-based post-processing and analysis software for all types of GPR data

GPR Insights

Web-based GPR data post processing and analysis software

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