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Identify potential risks and issues with unmatched precision and superior visualization.

Ensure the strength, safety, and longevity of new construction in compliance with building codes.

Residential construction inspecton equipment

Residential construction assessment

Eliminate inspection guesswork and ensure structural integrity with cutting-edge tech solutions for comprehensive residential construction inspections. Effortlessly capture data, detect hidden defects, and generate insightful reports in seconds. Take control of your residential construction safety with data-driven inspection solutions

commercial construction assessment solutions

Commercial construction assessment

Protect your commercial assets from hidden defects with accurate data and actionable insights to prevent costly repairs and ensure their long-term durability. Discover the comprehensive solutions empower to the inspection of commercial structures in compliance with building codes and ensure they meet the highest standards of safety, durability, and functionality.

Industrial construction assessment equipment

Industrial construction assessment

From power plants to manufacturing facilities, industrial constructions face demanding conditions that require rigorous inspection to confirm safety and maintain operational efficiency. Explore the reliable solutions to assess industrial assets such as manufacturing plants, warehouses and power stations, enabling you to detect potential issues early with clear data

NDT solutions for retrofits and refurbs

NDT solutions for retrofits & refurb

Building on existing buildings with retrofits and refurbs is becoming increasingly common with the rise of sustainability goals and the need for existing structures to last longer. Discover reliable non-destructive testing solutions for building lifecycle inventories, structural health assessments and condition assessment workflows to extend the lifetime of the structure.

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