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3D Reality Capture of Concrete and Subsurface in Real-Time using SFCW GPR

Join Screening Eagle Technologies and PD Tech for this webinar on the latest GPR innovations. The webinar will consist of two parts. The first will cover the technology and advantages of Stepped Frequency (SFCW) GPR. Applications and results from two SFWC GPR products will be shared - Proceq GP8100...


Integrate your NDT sensors seamlessly to Inspect and digitalize your data capture/inspection workflows

A webinar to introduce you to Inspect and how can you integrate it with our NDT sensors. Furthermore, our colleagues Thomas Stühle and Ritesh Chandawar will show you all the new features that you now have on your phone, independently of the brand, and guide you through them. They will also be happy...


Unlock Your Path with GS 2 & GPR Insights

A webinar for surveyors, locators, mapping professionals and GPR enthusiasts who want to know how to increase end-to-end efficiency for underground surveys. Learn in more depth about this unique subsurface mapping workflow with zero constraints, thanks to the GS8000 and the major updates in version...


Challenges and solutions of the inspection of concrete structures

In this webinar we discuss important topics following the collapse of the Champlain Towers, focusing on preventive inspections and solutions to the challenges of inspecting concrete. In this webinar you will learn: - The current challenges and solutions of inspecting concrete - The solutions and how...


INSPECT 2.0 - Intelligent inspection software

Screening Eagle Inspect is the world's most user-friendly, intuitive, and high-performance asset condition evaluation software. You can combine your visual Inspection data with your NDT (GPR, Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo, Schmidt hammer) data together and create one unified report for your clients....


WORKSPACE - Data consolidation & collaboration

Workspace is THE web-based collaboration & management platform for all your inspection work with any of our Screening Eagle Products....


SFCW Ground Penetrating Radar- A paradigm shift in utility mapping

Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) Radars has significantly improved the quality of data that can be obtained during utility mapping projects. Unlike Pulsed-GPR which broadcast a signal centred around one frequency, resulting in a trade-off of resolution and depth for inspecting, SFCW broadcas...