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Advanced Inspection of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)

As steel fibre reinforced concrete becomes more common, so too does the request for non-destructive testing of this material. Learn how to locate post-tensioning ducts within SFRC prior to coring and drilling using ultrasonic pulse

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Traditional Ultrasound Inspection on Composite Material

How to identify the areas of delamination on composite materials such as helicopter blades, aircraft wing sections, panels, body pieces, spoilers, and truck cabins? See how the UT8000 ultrasonic flaw detector accurately and rapidly identifies areas of delamination with a probe of

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Effortless hardness testing of heavy and bulky forging dies

Testing and verifying the hardness of forging dies weighing 400lbs or more is a heavy task! With traditional methods, each die requires lifting, transportation and extensive manual labor. See how to achieve accurate hardness testing with portable methods, saving time and costs in the

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Assessing the Hardness of Thin Medical Wires

Accurately assessing the hardness of small components such as very thin medical wires can be a challenging task. See how to achieve quick and reliable hardness measurements for thin wires using the direct-indentation

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Locating grouting defects in prefabricated structures

For Prefabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) concrete structures, the final strength depends on checking the quality of the grouting. Discover how to 'see' any voids or delaminations inside the concrete with 2D, 3D and even augmented reality

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Reliable Road Layer Profile Measurement

Modern roads consist of multiple layers of different materials and it is often required to determine the layers’ depths and to plot a layer

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Investigating the Strength and Condition of Rocky Coastal Platforms and Maritime Concrete

This joint research project by USC & ISEP focused on investigating the role of durability on geomaterials for coast geo-engineering and geomorphology. See how