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Locating grouting defects in prefabricated structures

For Prefabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) concrete structures, the final strength depends on checking the quality of the grouting. Discover how to 'see' any voids or delaminations inside the concrete with 2D, 3D and even augmented reality views....

Application Note

Investigating the Strength and Condition of Rocky Coastal Platforms and Maritime Concrete

This joint research project by USC & ISEP focused on investigating the role of durability on geomaterials for coast geo-engineering and geomorphology. See how they accurately assessed the maritime concrete and rocks to produce accurate recommendations for maintenance and ...

Case Study

Measuring Rock Hardness in Microgravity and Lunar Gravity

Ana Pires, Scientist-Astronaut undertakes the first-of-its-kind even, an all-women Microgravity experiment to test the hardness of rocks in low or zero gravity. See how she measured the hardness of rocks in these types of conditions and the results of her experiment....

Case Study

Conducting Structural Assessments on Aging Bridges

Two aging bridges in the Netherlands required a structural inspection to assess their condition. See how this team were able to achieve a detailed mapping and location of the tendon profile with high resolution, despite the condition of the concrete surface....

Case Study

Accurate Rebar Assessment of a Large Concrete Tunnel

In order to expand a highway above a large concrete tunnel, Nebest was called to locate and map the rebars. With thick concrete walls, this type of inspection can be challenging. On top of the depth difficulty, this particular tunnel was inaccessible from the back. See how they handled the chal...

Application Note

Detecting possible voids behind PT cable anchors

Ensuring structures are safe is the main priority for asset owners and inspection engineers alike. See how ultrasound pulse echo combined with AI (artificial intelligence) confirmed the safety of a new multistory concrete build, with post-tensioned floor slabs....

Application Note

Quantitative 3D Imaging of Concrete Defects

Large concrete assets like high rise buildings require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure its safety. See how this portable ultrasonic device was used to create 2D and 3D images of concrete structures instantly onsite for full visibility of any defects....