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Case Study

Maintaining high accuracy during dynamic road marking testing

Timely and accurate assessment of road marking visibility is crucial for road safety. See how Brother Road Sign use dynamic testing to measure the road marking retroreflectivity on large roads and busy...

Case Study

Archaeological analysis of King Tutankhamun’s burial chambers

Were the remains of Queen Nefertiti hidden in the walls of King Tutankhamun's burial chambers? That is what National Geographic found out when they conducted an archaeological investigation using modern technologies to analyze what lies beyond the ancient...

Case Study

Deep Archaeological Analysis of a Roman Site in Guadalajara

To uncover more information about an ancient Roman site, the teams at the CAI of Archaeometry and Archaeological Analysis of the UCM needed to conduct deeper analysis of the GPR data collected. See how they analyzed the data to achieve great clarity of the...

Case Study

Detecting and Mapping the Majang Lava Cave World Heritage Site 

Geophysical company, His Earth Co. Ltd, needed to confirm the distribution, depth and exact location of the underground Majang lava cave to protect the site before land development. See the details and results of this unique GPR survey on Jeju...

Case Study

Evaluating and Codifying Historic Highway Elements Along Island Roads

Pantel del Cueto & Associates LLC needed to record, evaluate and codify potentially historic highway elements along island roads in Puerto Rico that had been impacted by a series of hurricanes. See how the team achieved clear, concise data with intelligent...

Case Study

Quick Detection of Congested Power Conduits With GPR Array

How to quickly and accurately detect congested power conduits that are buried under concrete? See how First Rate Plumbing used a GPR array to scan the site and instantly create 3D models of the power conduits and all other elements with a ´Superline´ view of the subsurface.

Case Study

The Fastest Way to Scan Large Concrete Walls Before Drilling 

Locating the right spots before drilling into concrete walls is critical, especially when there is water trapped inside. See how this team efficiently located the right spots to drill so the water could flow out of the concrete walls, allowing it to dry out and prolong the life of the...