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Application Note

Investigating the Strength and Condition of Rocky Coastal Platforms and Maritime Concrete

This joint research project by USC & ISEP focused on investigating the role of durability on geomaterials for coast geo-engineering and geomorphology. See how they accurately assessed the maritime concrete and rocks to produce accurate recommendations for maintenance and assessed factors that...

Application Note

Efficient, Recorded Inspection of Solar Panels

The performance of solar panels depends heavily on their cleanliness. One way of checking the cleanliness is by measuring the gloss of the surface. See how to accurately and efficiently inspect the gloss on the surface of solar panels even in difficult-to-access locations.

Case Study

Measuring Rock Hardness in Microgravity and Lunar Gravity

Ana Pires, Scientist-Astronaut undertakes the first-of-its-kind even, an all-women Microgravity experiment to test the hardness of rocks in low or zero gravity. See how she measured the hardness of rocks in these types of conditions and the results of her...

Application Note

Inspecting Solid Tires with Ground Penetrating Radar

Large vehicles that carry heavy loads often have tires constructed from multi-layered rubber with steel rods for strength. This application note looks at the process of inspecting these types of solid tires with ground penetrating...