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Case Study

Large-scale Road Marking Visibility Measurements on Busy Highways

When testing the road marking visibility on large stretches of busy highway, the most important thing is having a dynamic, safe and efficient solution. See how Jiangsu Modern Road & Bridge Co. Ltd. carries out safe collection of road marking retroreflection with 150% increase in...


Increasing Safety with ISO Accreditations

Maintaining road safety is a must. ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation serves as a formal third party acknowledgment of a laboratory proficiency in conducting tests and calibrations. Discover how ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation takes part in safeguarding lives on our roads.


Dr. Antonio Caballero Features on Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia, an online digital publication that serves a highly engaged tech and business community of over 3.5 million monthly users, asked our Chief Technology Officer to answers questions from the internet about InspectionTech and...


US Infrastructure Plan - Why the InspectionTech Industry is More Crucial Than Ever

With President Biden's recent announcements of his plans for US infrastructure, we take a look at how the Inspection Tech industry has become more critical than ever for stronger, healthier and more sustainable roads, highways and bridges throughout the US and around the...

Case Study

Efficiently Monitoring the Performance of Road Markings and Signs

The Centre for Research, Professional Training and Services (CRAPTS) needed to effectively monitor the performance of road markings and signs over a 1400km area. Check out which equipment they used for the challenge and the results they obtained from the...

Case Study

Maintaining high accuracy during dynamic road marking testing

Timely and accurate assessment of road marking visibility is crucial for road safety. See how Brother Road Sign use dynamic testing to measure the road marking retroreflectivity on large roads and busy...

Application Note

Reliable Road Layer Profile Measurement

Modern roads consist of multiple layers of different materials and it is often required to determine the layers’ depths and to plot a layer profile. Learn the efficient solutions for reliable road layer profile measurement enabling layers to be mapped at various depths with high resolution.