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Case Study

Non-destructive Testing on “Mars” Terrestrial Analog Sites

See how Scientist-astronaut Ana Pires performed nondestructive testing in extreme conditions to gather valuable data about the rock characterization and hardness of materials, similar to those found on...


Celebrating 65+ Years of Schmidt Rebound Technology

Since 1954, Schmidt Hammers have been the global leader as a solution for concrete strength & uniformity testing. We take a look back at the incredible technology evolution over the years - from the very first release, to the present day......


Novel application of Rock Schmidt in Structural Geology: analysis of folds

A collaboration of researchers at the University of Oviedo, Spain and Terractiva, a geological consultancy in Barcelona, have used Screening Eagle's Rock Schmidt hammer to investigate geological structures in the North Western Iberian Peninsula. Check out how they did it and the...

Application Note

Investigating the Strength and Condition of Rocky Coastal Platforms and Maritime Concrete

This joint research project by USC & ISEP focused on investigating the role of durability on geomaterials for coast geo-engineering and geomorphology. See how they accurately assessed the maritime concrete and rocks to produce accurate recommendations for maintenance and assessed factors that...