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Powerful insights to secure the safety, quality and longevity of structures and increase long-term value.

Elevate your project’s success

Screening Eagle Technologies empower Civil & Structural Engineers, Subsurface Engineers, Utility Locators, Asset Owners, and NDT Specialists with our comprehensive asset inspection solutions. We seamlessly merge intuitive software with powerful portable sensors to provide dependable data for informed decision-making in construction and asset maintenance.

Discover how to redefine precision and efficiency in your inspections.


Increase accuracy

by capturing data in the field with the latest technology.

Boost efficiency

by analyzing data with state-of-the-art software.

Save time and money

by reporting and sharing with your team in real-time.



Explore cutting-edge solutions, technology insights, product updates, and more.

Discover Screening Eagle’s latest solutions.


The most powerful and easy-to-use concrete GPRs


All dimensions of
subsurface mapping

The complete solution for subsurface mapping with advanced and versatile GPR technology


The intelligent asset inspection solution, now in your pocket!


Trusted portable hardness testers for metal components

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Application Note

Real-time subsurface mapping connected to a Robotic Total Station


How to Reduce Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment 


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