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Screening Eagle takes Group Structure to next level to Scale Growth with Strong Market Focus

Mar 06, 2024

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Screening Eagle takes Group Structure to next level to Scale Growth with Strong Market Focus

Screening Eagle Group is embarking on a strategic journey to refine its operations and organizational structure, aimed at providing an even better customer experience. As part of this initiative, two specialized entities are being created: Proceq Switzerland, which will lead innovation and sell Non-Destructive Testing and Built World Sensor products globally; and Screening Eagle Dreamlab Singapore, focusing on software and AI development for Proceq Switzerland's sensor business, driving software innovation, and expanding market presence with our Inspect Software.

Bruno Valsangiacomo, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, reflected on the company's achievements. "In just four years, Screening Eagle has introduced innovative technologies to the global market. We have continuously developed new products, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our latest breakthrough is the GPR Array subsurface technologies, featuring advanced data processing capabilities. Now, we're ready to take our group structure to the next level, leveraging our innovation leadership to accelerate growth with a strong market focus."

Koichi Oba, the newly appointed global CEO of Proceq Switzerland, shared his excitement. "Stepping into the CEO role is an honor. We have the most comprehensive portfolio of Non Destructive Testing products and solutions with a particular focus on the Built World, and we are dedicated to ensuring our customers' success through an optimized organizational approach. We extend our gratitude to our customers for their unwavering trust."

Proceq Switzerland will maintain its presence through strategic partnerships with resellers, agents, and technical support hubs across multiple countries, supported by our dedicated global in-house sales teams. This approach ensures that our sales force remains an integral part of our worldwide operations, driving success through direct and indirect channels.

Craig Rice, CEO of Screening Eagle Dreamlab Singapore, highlighted the company's pioneering efforts. "Since 2015, we have been at the forefront of digitalized inspection technology, developing Screening Eagle Sensor and Inspect software. With our exceptional teams in Singapore and Malaga, we are established as a cutting-edge Software, AI, and Data powerhouse, thriving within our dynamic R&D ecosystem."

The Screening Eagle Group Executive Committee will consist of Koichi Oba, Craig Rice, and John Driscoll, with Bruno Valsangiacomo as the Executive Chairman. As a result of the creation of the new set-up, Dr. Antonio Caballero will be stepping down, having played a significant role in Screening Eagle's journey as both CEO and CTO. We extend our gratitude to him for his dedication and valuable contributions over many years and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

John Driscoll, Chief Finance Officer, expressed his confidence in the company's future. "I am grateful to be part of this exceptional team during this transformative moment in the Screening Eagle journey. Our path so far has been marked by tireless dedication and hard work from our entire team. As we navigate this transition, I am confident that we are well positioned for further success."

Screening Eagle will continue carrying out its mission to safeguard the Built World with the support of its controlling shareholder, Tectus Group. Marcel Poser, Co-Founding Shareholder and Member of the Board of Directors of both Tectus Group and Screening Eagle, will provide his expertise in driving innovation and commercialization of solutions using the Group's revolutionary technology.

Bruno Valsangiacomo concluded, "Our collective focus is now on refining operations, enhancing customer service, and fostering innovation across Screening Eagle's global network. This includes optimizing our management structure and streamlining our teams throughout the organization. We sincerely appreciate everyone's outstanding contributions that have firmly positioned Screening Eagle on the world stage, earning appreciation from all our stakeholders."