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How to Prevent Deterioration of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Despite reinforced concrete being a safe and strong material, there are several ways it can corrode over time and this ultimately leads to ´concrete cancer´. This article


Celebrating 65+ Years of Schmidt Rebound Technology

Since 1954, Schmidt Hammers have been the global leader as a solution for concrete strength & uniformity testing. We take a look back at the incredible technology evolution over the years - from the very first release, to the present


Multi-technology Inspection for Increased Productivity in PPVC Construction

Inspection is required to ensure the structural integrity of PPVC buildings, but inspection is often considered a non-value adding, time-consuming


Inspection Data: the Big, the Bad and the Deep - An Interview with Marcel Poser

The spotlight is on inspection data like never before. To dig into this important topic, we are interviewing Marcel Poser about types of inspection data, how it effects our built environment and how we can leverage the most valuable types of


The Disastrous Domino Effect of Design and Construction Defects in Supertall Towers

Floods, faulty elevators, and electrical explosions – these are just some of the complications that have arisen from construction and design defects reported at 432 Park luxury condominium in New York. Here are 10


Dr. Antonio Caballero Features on Tech in Asia 

Tech in Asia, an online digital publication that serves a highly engaged tech and business community of over 3.5 million monthly users, asked our Chief Technology Officer to answers questions from the internet about InspectionTech and


What We Have Learned from the Miami Surfside Condo Collapse  

Following the devastating effects of the Surfside condo collapse in Miami, we look what we have learned, the situation and current challenges, efficient solutions, and the next steps for preventative inspections to ensure catastrophes like this never happen