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How the Built Environment Crisis is Impacting Climate Change

With the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report described as ‘code red for humanity’, we take a look at how the construction and operation of the built environment affect climate change and how inspection technology can significantly reduce global CO2 emissi...

Case Study

Digital Periodic Structural Inspection (PSI) for Higher Efficiency

Periodic Structural Inspections (PSI) ensure that buildings are properly maintained and safe for its intended use and occupation. See how Demaco Consultants complete productive structural inspections with all the data efficiently captured, tracked, and reported....

Case Study

Condition Assessment of the Tallest and Most Famous Cathedral in Croatia

To conserve the largest and most famous cathedral in Croatia, the University of Zagreb was asked to assess the interior and exterior condition of the structure. See how they were able to 'see' inside the pillars, walls and floors with ultra clear, 3D visualizations and augmented reality....


US Infrastructure Plan - Why the InspectionTech Industry is More Crucial Than Ever

With President Biden's recent announcements of his plans for US infrastructure, we take a look at how the Inspection Tech industry has become more critical than ever for stronger, healthier and more sustainable roads, highways and bridges throughout the US and around the globe....

Case Study

Measuring Rock Hardness in Microgravity and Lunar Gravity

Ana Pires, Scientist-Astronaut undertakes the first-of-its-kind even, an all-women Microgravity experiment to test the hardness of rocks in low or zero gravity. See how she measured the hardness of rocks in these types of conditions and the results of her experiment....

Case Study

Boosted Productivity and Efficiency for Structural Inspections 

With multiple inspections happening simultaneously, TSM wanted a solution to consolidate and share their data easily, whilst improving connection to the guys in the field. See how they managed to increase productivity, generate reports in seconds and customize their inspection workflows to prov...

Case Study

Conducting Structural Assessments on Aging Bridges

Two aging bridges in the Netherlands required a structural inspection to assess their condition. See how this team were able to achieve a detailed mapping and location of the tendon profile with high resolution, despite the condition of the concrete surface....