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Case Study2

Durability Engineers: Low-strength Concrete Strip Footing Evaluation with Rebound Hammers and GPR

Durability Engineers needed to assess approximately 180ft of concrete footings and identify locations for taking core samples. See how the team used advanced NDT methods to successfully identify variability in concrete strength and locate the best areas for core extraction.

Case Study

Non-destructive Testing on “Mars” Terrestrial Analog Sites

See how Scientist-astronaut Ana Pires performed nondestructive testing in extreme conditions to gather valuable data about the rock characterization and hardness of materials, similar to those found on...

Case Study

Solving Subsurface Challenges with Comprehensive Concrete Scanning and Imaging

Solving complex problems with underground utility systems such as cable and pipeline detection, excavation and pipe repair services is part of every day work for Trinity Subsurface. See how the team use a multi-technology approach to their subsurface scanning and concrete imaging...

Case Study

Time-critical investigation and testing of a precast concrete beam using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)

To determine the nature of a suspected discontinuity in a large precast concrete beam, Durability Engineers was engaged to perform nondestructive testing. See how the team used ultrasonic pulse velocity to evaluate the risk, minimize interruption to construction schedule, and reduce...

Case Study

Uncovering Crucial Insights into Historic African American Cemeteries

Nonprofit organizations, The Friends of Lebanon Cemetary and Pennsylvania Hallowed Grounds needed to pinpoint the exact locations of unmarked burial sites at The Lebanon Cemetery in York, PA. See how Bill Steinhart created detailed visualizations and geolocated maps of the unmarked...

Case Study

Inspecting dock road slab structures with ground penetrating radar

Inspecting dock road slabs is a critical task to check for any corrosion inside the concrete or damage to the road plate, and to ensure the safety of wharf transportation. Check out the results from this recent inspection of dock road slabs in China using ground penetrating radar and powerful...

Case Study

Quick Detection of Congested Power Conduits With GPR Array

How to quickly and accurately detect congested power conduits that are buried under concrete? See how First Rate Plumbing used a GPR array to scan the site and instantly create 3D models of the power conduits and all other elements with a 'Superline' view of the...