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Case Study

Detecting and Mapping the Majang Lava Cave World Heritage Site 

Geophysical company, His Earth Co. Ltd, needed to confirm the distribution, depth and exact location of the underground Majang lava cave to protect the site before land development. See the details and results of this unique GPR survey on Jeju...

Case Study

Accurately Locating Subsurface Utilities in Wet Ground Conditions

In bad soil conditions or heavy rainfall, the ground is wet and soggy with the dielectric value at very high levels, making GPR investigations more challenging. See how stepped frequency continuous wave technology achieves the perfect mix of both penetration depth and resolution, even in these...

Case Study

Inspection of non-metallic pipelines and subsurface stratification

For this project, a team of engineers needed to detect subsurface non-metallic pipes and underground stratification on a section of highway in China, to ensure safety of the pipeline during construction. See the results and how it was...

Case Study

Mining Data Gold with Subsurface GPR 

To avoid any potential threats to the environment or future building, CSGeo was tasked with scanning old mineral mines in Austria for more information. See how they did it and the fascinating...

Case Study

Locating Subsurface Utilities with High Precision

Locating the exact positions of subsurface gas, sewage and water utilities at different depths can be a challenge. See how GPR synchronized with the GNSS (Global Satellite Navigation System), allowed us to precisely map subsurface utilities made from various materials and located at different...