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Application Note

Concrete Integrity Testing with Impact Echo

Impact Echo plays an important role in assessing the condition of concrete structural plates, such as slabs, walls, decks and concrete pavements. See how it can also be used when retrofitting old buildings with the non-destructive thickness assessment...

Case Study

Deep Archaeological Analysis of a Roman Site in Guadalajara

To uncover more information about an ancient Roman site, the teams at the CAI of Archaeometry and Archaeological Analysis of the UCM needed to conduct deeper analysis of the GPR data collected. See how they analyzed the data to achieve great clarity of the...


To convert or not to convert … your hardness values?

Many users are familiar with the Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, or Leeb scales and use conversion curves in their work every day. However, few know how they are generated and how to use them properly. This article tells you what conversion curves are, how they are developed and how to use them...


Highly efficient visual inspections of concrete bridges 

Today, we meet the team at InGeoLab who have been super smart about streamlining their workflow to increase efficiency on visual inspections of large bridges. Check out how they use intelligent software to collect the inspection data twice as...

Case Study

Maintaining high accuracy during dynamic road marking testing

Timely and accurate assessment of road marking visibility is crucial for road safety. See how Brother Road Sign use dynamic testing to measure the road marking retroreflectivity on large roads and busy...

Case Study

Archaeological analysis of King Tutankhamun’s burial chambers

Were the remains of Queen Nefertiti hidden in the walls of King Tutankhamun's burial chambers? That is what National Geographic found out when they conducted an archaeological investigation using modern technologies to analyze what lies beyond the ancient...

Application Note

Accurate Inspection of High-alloy Steels in the Power Industry

Measurement and correct evaluation of non-standard materials has always been a challenge for material inspectors around the globe, particularly with conversion to other units. To improve this, the Equotip 550 platform now supports the new conversion standard for high-alloy steel in the power...