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VSL Asia Pacific: Revolutionizing Bridge Inspections in Brunei

VSL Asia Pacific conducted a level 2 condition assessment on the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha bridge in Brunei using intelligent inspection software to capture, manage and report the data. Check out how it affected their team productivity...

Case Study

Evaluating and Codifying Historic Highway Elements Along Island Roads

Pantel del Cueto & Associates LLC needed to record, evaluate and codify potentially historic highway elements along island roads in Puerto Rico that had been impacted by a series of hurricanes. See how the team achieved clear, concise data with intelligent...

Case Study

Concrete Carpark Inspection with 3D Reality Capture

How to inspect a large and complex car parking structure with deep data collection and an efficient workflow? See how FPrimeC completed the challenge using intelligent software with 3D Reality Capture and customizeable one-click...


How Third-Party Construction Inspections Are Impacting the Built Environment

More states in America have made changes to their construction codes to allow third party inspection agencies to conduct the necessary inspections in lieu of traditional municipal inspectors. We look at how third-party construction inspections impact the built environment in several...


How to Reduce Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment

With around 40% of global carbon emissions coming from the built environment, there are several initiatives to reduce operational carbon. But what about embodied carbon? We look at solutions to reduce the annual embodied carbon impact for truly 'greener' buildings and...


The Disastrous Domino Effect of Design and Construction Defects in Supertall Towers

Floods, faulty elevators, and electrical explosions – these are just some of the complications that have arisen from construction and design defects reported at 432 Park luxury condominium in New York. Here are 10 ways inspection technology and preventive maintenance can stop this domino...


From respond to prevent: Why now is the time for a new approach to ensuring long-term building asset value

As 2021 draws to a close, there are numerous signs that we are approaching a ‘perfect storm’ in the built environment with numerous urgent reminders about the need to monitor public structures in a more methodical way. Fortunately, a new generation of preventative and maintenance solutions...