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Case Study

Efficient Detection of Corrosion in the Concrete floors of a Parking Garage

What's the best way to detect corrosion activity in concrete, in a short amount of time? The team at Nebest share how they achieve excellent results using the latest technology for mapping corrosion potential.

Case Study

Durability Engineers: Low-strength Concrete Strip Footing Evaluation with Rebound Hammers and GPR

Durability Engineers needed to assess approximately 180ft of concrete footings and identify locations for taking core samples. See how the team used advanced NDT methods to successfully identify variability in concrete strength and locate the best areas for core extraction.

Application Note

Top Non-destructive Testing Solutions for RAAC concrete

RAAC concrete is often used in construction projects, however it can be susceptible to damage over time. Check out the top non-destructive testing solutions to inspect the quality of RAAC concrete.

Case Study

Non-destructive Testing on “Mars” Terrestrial Analog Sites

See how Scientist-astronaut Ana Pires performed nondestructive testing in extreme conditions to gather valuable data about the rock characterization and hardness of materials, similar to those found on...

Application Note

Concrete Integrity Testing with Impact Echo

Impact Echo plays an important role in assessing the condition of concrete structural plates, such as slabs, walls, decks and concrete pavements. See how it can also be used when retrofitting old buildings with the non-destructive thickness assessment...


Increasing the Safety of Bridges and Road Infrastructure

Early detection and repair of corrosion and defects in bridges saves lives and billions of dollars in asset value. With the news of several recent bridge collapses around the world, we look at ways to improve the safety of these vital...


Concrete Strength Testing Methods

Traditional methods of concrete testing are not usually straightforward; they can also be destructive and costly. See more about concrete strength testing methods that are non-destructive and more...