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Bolt inspection: Internal Defect Assessment & Data Management

Detecting early failure of bolts along linear assets such as railway tracks is a crucial process. This note looks at the capabilities of ultrasonic testing to verify metal condition and detect defects without causing any damage or disturbance to the...


Celebrating 45+ years of Equotip Portable Hardness Testers

Since the 1970’s, Equotip have been global leaders in portable hardness testing equipment. Take a look at the incredible innovation and evolution of the world-renowned portable hardness testers, from the very first release in 1975 to the present day with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration as...


Dr. Antonio Caballero Features on Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia, an online digital publication that serves a highly engaged tech and business community of over 3.5 million monthly users, asked our Chief Technology Officer to answers questions from the internet about InspectionTech and...

Application Note

Preventive NDT methods for railway line bolts, train axels and wheels

With the recent reports of the freight train derailment, caused by a broken wheel on the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland, we share the top preventative non-destructive testing (NDT) methods for railway axels, bolts and train wheels with high accuracy and...

Application Note

Evaluating alloy differences through hardness testing right on the production line

See how to achieve quick and comfortable hardness testing and measurements of alloys right on the production line, to achieve a very time- and cost efficient solution compared to standard labratory...

Application Note

Hardness Testing for Heavy-load Components on Buildings and Bridges

Load-carrying components like anchor heads and bearing trumplates are of key importance for Post-Tension (PT) systems for buildings and bridges. Before being sent to the customers and installed on site, the hardness of those components should be checked to ensure enough strength. See how to...

Case Study

Measuring Rock Hardness in Microgravity and Lunar Gravity

Ana Pires, Scientist-Astronaut undertakes the first-of-its-kind even, an all-women Microgravity experiment to test the hardness of rocks in low or zero gravity. See how she measured the hardness of rocks in these types of conditions and the results of her...