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Concrete Integrity Testing with Impact Echo

Impact Echo plays an important role in assessing the condition of concrete structural plates, such as slabs, walls, decks and concrete pavements. See how it can also be used when retrofitting old buildings with the non-destructive thickness assessment...

Application Note

Accurate Inspection of High-alloy Steels in the Power Industry

Measurement and correct evaluation of non-standard materials has always been a challenge for material inspectors around the globe, particularly with conversion to other units. To improve this, the Equotip 550 platform now supports the new conversion standard for high-alloy steel in the power...

Application Note

Fast and accurate GPR scanning before cutting & coring concrete

Before cutting, drilling or coring concrete, it is crucial to investigate the structure to identify any objects or characteristics such as rebar, post-tension cables, voids and delaminations. See the fastest and most accurate way to investigate the concrete using stepped frequency...

Application Note

Nuclear Pressure Vessel Weld Inspection with Ultrasound

This application notes describes an ultrasound inspection of the welding on a nuclear pressure vessle. See how to efficienly capture defect data with full traceability and with raw echo data recorded...

Application Note

Bolt inspection: Internal Defect Assessment & Data Management

Detecting early failure of bolts along linear assets such as railway tracks is a crucial process. This note looks at the capabilities of ultrasonic testing to verify metal condition and detect defects without causing any damage or disturbance to the...

Application Note

Traditional Ultrasound Inspection on Composite Material

How to identify the areas of delamination on composite materials such as helicopter blades, aircraft wing sections, panels, body pieces, spoilers, and truck cabins? See how the UT8000 ultrasonic flaw detector accurately and rapidly identifies areas of delamination with a probe of 2.5...

Application Note

Assessing the Hardness of Thin Medical Wires

Accurately assessing the hardness of small components such as very thin medical wires can be a challenging task. See how to achieve quick and reliable hardness measurements for thin wires using the direct-indentation...