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Assessing the Hardness of Thin Medical Wires

Accurately assessing the hardness of small components such as very thin medical wires can be a challenging task. See how to achieve quick and reliable hardness measurements for thin wires using the direct-indentation...

Application Note

Effortless hardness testing of heavy and bulky forging dies

Testing and verifying the hardness of forging dies weighing 400lbs or more is a heavy task! With traditional methods, each die requires lifting, transportation and extensive manual labor. See how to achieve accurate hardness testing with portable methods, saving time and costs in the process.

Application Note

Evaluating alloy differences through hardness testing right on the production line

See how to achieve quick and comfortable hardness testing and measurements of alloys right on the production line, to achieve a very time- and cost efficient solution compared to standard labratory...


ASTM E3246-21 - The New Standard for Portable Rockwell Testing

From now on, the Portable Rockwell method is officially ASTM-Standardized. Portable Rockwell is a purely static measurement technique that can be applied to almost all materials without corrections. Discover more about the Portable Rockwell applications for hardness measurements for a wide range...