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What you should know about the accuracy and repeatability of portable hardness testing probes

After reading this 5-minute-long article you will understand the difference between accuracy and precision of Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI), why they are essential and how to make the best choice when choosing your...


To convert or not to convert … your hardness values?

Many users are familiar with the Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, or Leeb scales and use conversion curves in their work every day. However, few know how they are generated and how to use them properly. This article tells you what conversion curves are, how they are developed and how to use them...

Application Note

Accurate Inspection of High-alloy Steels in the Power Industry

Measurement and correct evaluation of non-standard materials has always been a challenge for material inspectors around the globe, particularly with conversion to other units. To improve this, the Equotip 550 platform now supports the new conversion standard for high-alloy steel in the power...


The 3 Most Reliable Portable Hardness Testing Methods

When it comes to portable hardness testing, one thing is for sure - there is no silver bullet to fit all applications. See which are the top three portable hardness testing methods and how to find the right solution for each...


Pushing the Boundaries of What is Possible for Inspection Tech

When expertise and creative vision meet powerful technology, anything is possible! We have produced a series of short customer testimonial videos to showcase some of the inspiring ways our technologies are being used - from the subsurface to outer space. Check out Scientist-Astronaut, Ana...

Application Note

Investigating the Strength and Condition of Rocky Coastal Platforms and Maritime Concrete

This joint research project by USC & ISEP focused on investigating the role of durability on geomaterials for coast geo-engineering and geomorphology. See how they accurately assessed the maritime concrete and rocks to produce accurate recommendations for maintenance and assessed factors that...

Application Note

Turbomachinery: Quality assure different components with one probe

For turbomachinery such as gas or steam turbines that work under high temperature and pressure environment, it is essential to check the hardness of different components. This application note describes how you can quality assure and measure the hardness of several different components with just...