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How to Reduce Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment

With around 40% of global carbon emissions coming from the built environment, there are several initiatives to reduce operational carbon. But what about embodied carbon? We look at solutions to reduce the annual embodied carbon impact for truly 'greener' buildings and...


How to Perform a Detailed Concrete Corrosion Assessment in Four Steps

Concrete bridges and buildings are facing a long-term issue: corrosion of steel reinforcement reducing the structural performance and ending in collapse. Concrete Corrosion Assessment is a very important task to prevent damage and structural failure. See how to perform a detailed corrosion...

Case Study

Bridge Inspection: Locating the correct areas to drill safely into asphalt

When it comes to redesigning roads, there are many components to navigate including traffic interuption, moving objects such as light poles, and inspecting the concrete for reinforcement or buried objects. Check out how Ten Thije conducted a bridge inspection fast and efficiently, locating the...