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Ultrasonic Welding Inspection of a Wind Tower

This application note describes the process of an ultrasonic inspection of the welding on a wind tower. See how the inspection can be completed efficiently, with full traceability at every step and real-time data...

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Traditional Ultrasound Inspection on Composite Material

How to identify the areas of delamination on composite materials such as helicopter blades, aircraft wing sections, panels, body pieces, spoilers, and truck cabins? See how the UT8000 ultrasonic flaw detector accurately and rapidly identifies areas of delamination with a probe of 2.5...

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Identify and Characterize Defects in Forged Components like Gas Turbine Rotors

What is the best way to identify and classify defects in forged components like gas turbine rotors? This application note shows an examination of a gas turbine rotor using ultrasonics with good signal-to-noise rate and reliable...

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Preventive NDT methods for railway line bolts, train axels and wheels

With the recent reports of the freight train derailment, caused by a broken wheel on the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland, we share the top preventative non-destructive testing (NDT) methods for railway axels, bolts and train wheels with high accuracy and...

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Ultrasonic Examination of Heavy Steel Forgings

Inspecting forged and cast components can be more difficult than inspecting other components due to the attenuation factor. See which is the most efficient inspection method used to identify and characterize the defects in heavy steel forgings.

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Traditional Ultrasound Inspection on Cladding or Weld Overlay

In clad-metal construction, cracks or corrosion can occur at the welds where adjacent sheets are linked. This application note describes how to inspect these components with full traceability and repeatability using...

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Oil & Gas Metal Filter Inspection with Ultrasound

During an inspection of a metal filter in the oil & gas industry, it's necessary to inspect different types of welding: circumferential, longitudinal, on nozzle. See the most efficient way to inspect this kind of component with great flexibility and hands-free...