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Screening Eagle Launches New Ultrasonic Method for Pile Testing

Jun 02, 2021

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Screening Eagle Launches New Ultrasonic Method for Pile Testing

At the recent #KEY21SET InspectionTech Keynote and Product Launch event, Screening Eagle introduced a brand-new multi-application impact echo testing device, specifically focused on the inspection and integrity assessment of concrete piles – the Pundit PI8000.

The Pundit PI8000 was released for defect detection, slab thickness measurements and testing concrete piles with a single sensor and a single app.

Concrete piles are vertical structural elements which are commonly used when large loads need to be transferred further down into the ground. The integrity of concrete piles might be compromised by defects occurring at different stages and could lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, conducting preventive testing before the construction process continues is vitally important.

The small but powerful PI8000 has been carefully designed to perform in the toughest conditions while being ergonomically optimized to provide a comfortable experience for the user. The 2-in-1 patented design supports both pile integrity testing and impact echo testing in one sensor for increased versatility and efficiency.

Together with the PI8000, the Pundit Impact software delivers an intuitive and efficient workflow with app assisted checks and seamless comparison of multiple piles directly from the construction site. The Pundit Impact app brings data visualization to a whole new level with the flexible heatmap for instant uniformity assessment.

Users are able to collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world with the real-time connectivity features to confirm data quality before even leaving the site. The PI8000 is also fully integrated into the Workspace app for post-processing analysis and collaboration of all inspection records.

Screening Eagle will now offer a series of technical webinars for the Pundit PI8000 and their other new products that were released during the keynote, and will be showing them live at the World of Concrete 8 - 10 June 2021 in Las Vegas.