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Can we test above the pile cap, or above the concrete deck? And in the case of an existing deck on piles what methodology alternatives can we propose?

  • Above the deck
  • Just below the pile cap

Testing piles with existing decks or pile caps is not recommended with Pile Integrity Method. You should always lower your expectations as in most of the cases results will not be accurate.

  • This methodology is highly affected by the waves returning from superstructure, and this effect can not be predicted.
  • More than one pile should be tested to check repetitivity.
  • Unlike regular testing, length is the only realistic information to be expected, if at all.

To do this kind of test in concrete piles with a deck / pile cap is the following:

  • Drill the pile cap so you can test directly over the pile
  • Cut a notch on one side of the pile

However, the best method to check deep foundations once the superstructure has been built is the Parallel Seismic Method.

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