Avoid Damage Efficiently using SFCW Ground Penetrating Radar

Coring and drilling professionals very frequently face the challenge of where to drill in concrete, most of the time without having an indication where the critical elements of the structure lie. Taking a blind guess can be very dangerous for the building and the people who work in it, as a wrong hit can compromise the structural stability. GPR is an excellent tool which professionals use to locate rebars, post tension cables and conduits inside the concrete.

Join us in this webinar to learn about the latest GPR hardware and software solutions and how they can help you to avoid damage, while working efficiently. In particular learn:
- how SFCW GPR can be used for targets at different depths;
- how GPR arrays can increase productivity;
- how intuitive interfaces and cloud computing ensure effortless data recording and reporting.

We will also cover the limitations of GPR and applications were ultrasonic pulse echo testing is a preferred method.