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Will my GS8000 GPR collect any data if I do not move?

No. Data collection on GS8000 is triggered by wheel movement. If you do not move the radar, then no data collection is happening. The wheel is...

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The DY does not always show 0.00 with no load applied. What can I do about this?

A small residual load may be displayed due to tolerances in the system. It is not possible to adjust this. This is irrelevant to the measurement...

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How is the DY calibrated?

The DY is calibrated according to methods defined in ISO EN 7500-1. It is not possible to calibrate the DY with static loads applied. Instead it...

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What is the accuracy of the DY?

If correctly calibrated the DY is accurate to within 1% of the displayed load from the range 20% - 100% of the maximum load.
Below 20% maximal...

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How can I use a long USB cable to connect the ZG8150?

With the ZG8150 we deliver a long Y-cable with a USB C connctor (instrument side), a USB A male and USB A female connector. This cable allows to...

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With GS8000, can I complete my job later in the office, using processing software?

Yes. Once field data are synchronized to the cloud, the web-based advanced data analysis tool GPR Insights can be used to start processing them in...

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When is GS8000 data synchronized to the cloud?

If Internet is available, the data start synchronizing to the cloud automatically. The time needed to complete the process depends on the mobile...

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