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What is a Crock Test?

CROCK TESTING is  an internationally recognized test method to simulate the rubbing action generated by a human finger and forearm. Crock testing...

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Will my GPR work as standalone unit or can it also complement other methods?

Both. GPR can be used as a standalone unit if you work on specific applications and you are happy with a limited set of feedback and information....

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Which conversion curve should I use with my rebound hammer?

There is no simple answer to this question.
The answer depends on the region you are in and the standards you are working to. In China for example...

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What probes are supported for DGS?

All GE and Karl Deutsch probes.

What parameters are important when choosing the right UCI Probe?

There are several important parameters that shall be taken into account when selecting the UCI probe:

Minimum thickness of the object
If a...

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What is UCI particularly good for?

Inspection of HAZ (Heat Affected Zones) especially used in oil and gas in industry, inspection of lighter objects where Leeb can not be used due...

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What is the purpose of the macro setting in the Pundit Live Array App?

The macro setting in the Pundit Live Array app adjusts the transmission frequency, the transmission voltage, and the maximum transmission time to...

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