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Will my GS8000 GPR collect any data if I do not move?

No. Data collection on GS8000 is triggered by wheel movement. If you do not move the radar, then no data collection is happening. The wheel is...

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What is the Screening Eagle ID?

The Screening Eagle ID is the login credentials you use in order to access any and all of our apps. Importantly for all customers and users who...

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What is a glossmeter?

A glossmeter is a precision measurement instrument. In order to determine the gloss of a surface the glossmeter is projecting a beam of light at a...

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What communication interface does Carboteq use?

Carboteq enables USB communication interface to download the device's readings.

Can I have more information about what type of surface can be tested (coated, uncoated), how to do maintenance and cleaning of the electrodes, or any other valuable information?

Please, refer and download the Quick Start Guide and the Quick Reference Guide available under the "Download" section of the Profometer PM8500...

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Do I need to pre-wet the concrete surface before the testing?

The contact between the pore solution of the concrete and the probe can be impaired by a dried out concrete skin. This can greatly increase the...

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How do I connect to a rebar?

We always recommend using Profometer PM8000 or GP8x00 to locate the rebar. Once the rebar is located, drill the concrete cover and connect the...

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