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Proceq Half-cell Corrosion Potential + Resistivity


A comprehensive solution for measuring the electrical resistivity of concrete
  • Efficient all-in-one solution
  • Reliable, accurate, and standardized
  • Rugged waterproof construction
The world’s most accurate concrete surface resistivity meter with the highest possible resolution
All-in-one solution for concrete electrical resistivity testing both in the lab and on-site
High quality
Reliable, accurate, and standardized and faster than laboratory RCP testing
Rugged waterproof construction for use in many conditions and environments
Resipod Tech Specs
Tech Specs
Measured Quantity
Electrical resistivity [kΩcm]

From ±0.2 to ±2 kΩcm (depending on resistivity range)

Instrument Firmware
Highest resolution available for a surface resistivity instrument
Current flow indication and poor contact indication
Hold, save, and delete function

PC Software
ResipodLink to view and manipulate the data on a connected PC. It also allows a variable contact spacing to be set

Pixel graphic LCD

500 measured values

USB type B

Measuring Range
1 to approx. 1000 kΩcm (depending on probe spacing)

Probes / Electrodes
In addition to the standard Wenner probe with spacing of 50 mm or 38 mm (1.5"), additional variable spacing probe and bulk resistivity accessories available

Innovation Award

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Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines AASHTO T358-15