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Data-powered decisions: why structural data holds the key to future building asset maintenance & investment

Historically, there has been a very broad range of approaches to structural data and asset maintenance. But now, several factors are compelling building owners and operators to embrace a more data-driven approach for significantly increased operational efficiency....


Dr. Antonio Caballero Features on Tech in Asia 

Tech in Asia, an online digital publication that serves a highly engaged tech and business community of over 3.5 million monthly users, asked our Chief Technology Officer to answers questions from the internet about InspectionTech and NDT....

Case Study

Accurately Locating Subsurface Utilities in Wet Ground Conditions

In bad soil conditions or heavy rainfall, the ground is wet and soggy with the dielectric value at very high levels, making GPR investigations more challenging. See how stepped frequency continuous wave technology achieves the perfect mix of both penetration depth and resolution, even...

Case Study

Dynamic Testing of Road Markings for Optimum Safety

Road marking testing is a crucial process for ensuring road safety. See how dynamic testing of road markings can achieve accurate and efficient results, without disrupting traffic or putting inspectors at risk on busy highways....

Application Note

Assessing the Hardness of Thin Medical Wires

Accurately assessing the hardness of small components such as very thin medical wires can be a challenging task. See how to achieve quick and reliable hardness measurements for thin wires using the direct-indentation method....

Application Note

Locating grouting defects in prefabricated structures

For Prefabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) concrete structures, the final strength depends on checking the quality of the grouting. Discover how to 'see' any voids or delaminations inside the concrete with 2D, 3D and even augmented reality views....


What We Have Learned from the Miami Surfside Condo Collapse  

Following the devastating effects of the Surfside condo collapse in Miami, we look what we have learned, the situation and current challenges, efficient solutions, and the next steps for preventative inspections to ensure catastrophes like this never happen again....