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Top Non-destructive Testing Solutions for RAAC concrete

RAAC concrete is often used in construction projects, however it can be susceptible to damage over time. Check out the top non-destructive testing solutions to inspect the quality of RAAC concrete.

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Quick Detection of Congested Power Conduits With GPR Array

How to quickly and accurately detect congested power conduits that are buried under concrete? See how First Rate Plumbing used a GPR array to scan the site and instantly create 3D models of the power conduits and all other elements with a 'Superline' view of the...

Case Study

Solving Subsurface Challenges with Comprehensive Concrete Scanning and Imaging

Solving complex problems with underground utility systems such as cable and pipeline detection, excavation and pipe repair services is part of every day work for Trinity Subsurface. See how the team use a multi-technology approach to their subsurface scanning and concrete imaging...

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Fast and accurate concrete scanning before cutting & coring

Before cutting, drilling or coring concrete, it is crucial to investigate the structure to identify any objects or characteristics such as rebar, post-tension cables, voids and delaminations. See the fastest and most accurate concrete scanning method using stepped frequency...

Case Study

The Fastest Way to Scan Large Concrete Walls Before Drilling

Locating the right spots before drilling into concrete walls is critical, especially when there is water trapped inside. See how this team efficiently located the right spots to drill so the water could flow out of the concrete walls, allowing it to dry out and prolong the life of the...


How to Perform a Detailed Concrete Corrosion Assessment in Four Steps

Concrete bridges and buildings are facing a long-term issue: corrosion of steel reinforcement reducing the structural performance and ending in collapse. Concrete Corrosion Assessment is a very important task to prevent damage and structural failure. See how to perform a detailed corrosion...

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Efficient, Detailed Structural Imaging with GPR Array

This article describes the application of a GPR array for detection and visualization of structural elements in a large area (over 2 m x 9 m). See how to achieve fast GPR scanning of large indoor or outdoor areas with immediate visualization on the iPad.