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Top Non-destructive Testing Solutions for RAAC concrete

RAAC concrete is often used in construction projects, however it can be susceptible to damage over time. Check out the top non-destructive testing solutions to inspect the quality of RAAC concrete.

Case Study

Solving Subsurface Challenges with Comprehensive Concrete Scanning and Imaging

Solving complex problems with underground utility systems such as cable and pipeline detection, excavation and pipe repair services is part of every day work for Trinity Subsurface. See how the team use a multi-technology approach to their subsurface scanning and concrete imaging...


Post-earthquake Assessments with Non-destructive Testing

In the wake of devastation in Turkey and Syria, it has never been more important for every building in seismic zones to have post-earthquake assessments with non-destructive testing and concrete inspection technologies. See how to assess hidden structural...


How to Perform a Detailed Concrete Corrosion Assessment in Four Steps

Concrete bridges and buildings are facing a long-term issue: corrosion of steel reinforcement reducing the structural performance and ending in collapse. Concrete Corrosion Assessment is a very important task to prevent damage and structural failure. See how to perform a detailed corrosion...


Efficient Concrete Assessments in Complex Operating Environments

A collaboration of researchers were challenged to investigate concrete structures in very complex operating environments, including a concrete radiotherapy bunker and multi-storey building. See how they used Screening Eagle's GPR to achieve excellent results in these...

Case Study

Inspecting aging infrastructure with no information of rebar layout

With no drawings available and no information on rebar layout on an aging pier and tunnel in the Netherlands, Concretix were required to scan the areas with GPR to locate and map structural elements. See how they achieved fast 3D augmented reality visualizations on...


Top Quality Forensic Building Inspections Using Advanced Technologies

Here at Screening Eagle, we love to hear how our technologies are being used to inspect and protect the built world, even helping to fulfill some personal passions along the way... Meet Paul Tucker for example, a Forensic Engineer from Knoxville Tennessee and one of our valued...