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Case Study2

Non-destructive Testing in Lava Tubes on the First Space Analog Mission in Portugal

Ana Pires, a pioneering scientist-astronaut, led Portugal's first space analog mission to a lava tube similar to those found on the Moon. But this wasn't your typical scientific expedition. Read more to discover the extreme conditions they faced and the innovative tools they used.


Inspection Data: the Big, the Bad and the Deep - An Interview with Marcel Poser

The spotlight is on inspection data like never before. To dig into this important topic, we are interviewing Marcel Poser about types of inspection data, how it effects our built environment and how we can leverage the most valuable types of...


Dr. Antonio Caballero Features on Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia, an online digital publication that serves a highly engaged tech and business community of over 3.5 million monthly users, asked our Chief Technology Officer to answers questions from the internet about InspectionTech and...


Data-powered decisions: why structural data holds the key to future building asset maintenance & investment

Historically, there has been a very broad range of approaches to structural data and asset maintenance. But now, several factors are compelling building owners and operators to embrace a more data-driven approach for significantly increased operational...


Achieving Never-seen-before Quality Results from GPR Data

Meet Rodrigo Jaque, Managing Partner at Geo Radar Chile and one of Screening Eagle's valued customers who shared their story with us at #KEY22SET Built World Keynote and Product Launch Event. See how Rodrigo achieves never-seen-before quality results from his GPR data with web-based...


How to Significantly Reduce Time and Costs In Your Inspection Business

From lost data, to incompatible software - sharing inspection data with asset owners and partners in other locations can be challenging. But as the globe moves through the digital transformation, we look at how data sharing within a project not only saves time and costs right now, but also in...