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Application Note

Traditional Ultrasound Inspection on Cladding or Weld Overlay

In clad-metal construction, cracks or corrosion can occur at the welds where adjacent sheets are linked. This application note describes how to inspect these components with full traceability and repeatability using...

Application Note

Oil & Gas Metal Filter Inspection with Ultrasound

During an inspection of a metal filter in the oil & gas industry, it's necessary to inspect different types of welding: circumferential, longitudinal, on nozzle. See the most efficient way to inspect this kind of component with great flexibility and hands-free...


Reactivating the Rigs: INSPECT’s New Opportunities in Oil & Gas

With the desire of many countries to move away from Russia-supplied energy in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine, there is talk of reactivating some dormant oil rigs and gas plants. See how inspection software and ultrasound technologies can help ensure these facilities are restored...

Application Note

Oil and Gas Rock Core: Quick Rock Structure Characterization

Evaluating the rock structure is a crucial process before drilling. Oil and gas companies pull sample rock cores from the planned drill site to perform a thorough geophysical evaluation of the rock structure. This application note covers quick and reliable hardness testing measurements of the...