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Top Non-destructive Testing Solutions for RAAC concrete

RAAC concrete is often used in construction projects, however it can be susceptible to damage over time. Check out the top non-destructive testing solutions to inspect the quality of RAAC concrete.

Case Study

Solving Subsurface Challenges with Comprehensive Concrete Scanning and Imaging

Solving complex problems with underground utility systems such as cable and pipeline detection, excavation and pipe repair services is part of every day work for Trinity Subsurface. See how the team use a multi-technology approach to their subsurface scanning and concrete imaging...


Post-earthquake Assessments with Non-destructive Testing

In the wake of devastation in Turkey and Syria, it has never been more important for every building in seismic zones to have post-earthquake assessments with non-destructive testing and concrete inspection technologies. See how to assess hidden structural...


Multi-technology Inspection for Increased Productivity in PPVC Construction

Inspection is required to ensure the structural integrity of PPVC buildings, but inspection is often considered a non-value adding, time-consuming process. This paper illustrates how the use of a multi-technology inspection approach can ensure structural integrity, add value and enhance...

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Advanced Inspection of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)

As steel fibre reinforced concrete becomes more common, so too does the request for non-destructive testing of this material. Learn how to locate post-tensioning ducts within SFRC prior to coring and drilling using ultrasonic pulse...


Reinforced Concrete Inspection: How to Prevent Corrosion

Despite reinforced concrete being a safe and strong material, there are several ways it can corrode over time and this ultimately leads to 'concrete cancer'. This article discusses the methods and technologies for reinforced concrete inspection BEFORE anything...


Concrete imaging: How the multi-technology approach facilitates world-class inspection

The Forensics practice at Thornton Tomasetti relies on advanced concrete imaging equipment to investigate complicated structural engineering problems. See how the team are able to generate ultra-clear 3D visualizations and achieve a thorough understanding of large, complex concrete...