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Application Note

Inspecting Tunnels, Slabs, and Pavements up to 1.5 Meters Deep with GPR

Learn how the Proceq GP8000 GPR can be used to scan thick concrete elements such as pavements, slabs and tunnels with ease and high efficiency, thanks to the new adjustable time window capability.

Case Study

Efficient Detection of Corrosion in the Concrete floors of a Parking Garage

What's the best way to detect corrosion activity in concrete, in a short amount of time? The team at Nebest share how they achieve excellent results using the latest technology for mapping corrosion potential.

Case Study

Identifying Structural Damage on the Fukuoka Expressway Using MCGPR

Check out how Nexco East uses multichannel GPR (MCGPR) to detect and map structural damage on this busy expressway in Japan.


Increasing Safety with ISO Accreditations

Maintaining road safety is a must. ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation serves as a formal third party acknowledgment of a laboratory proficiency in conducting tests and calibrations. Discover how ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation takes part in safeguarding lives on our roads.

Case Study

Non-destructive Testing in Lava Tubes on the First Space Analog Mission in Portugal

Ana Pires, a pioneering scientist-astronaut, led Portugal's first space analog mission to a lava tube similar to those found on the Moon. But this wasn't your typical scientific expedition. Read more to discover the extreme conditions they faced and the innovative tools they used.


What is the difference between a Schmidt Hammer and other rebound hammers?

Not all rebound hammers are created equal! What are the key differences and which one will be best for your project? Find out in this quick guide to the differences between Schmidt hammers and other rebound hammers for concrete strength...

Application Note

Real-time subsurface mapping connected to a Robotic Total Station

This application note describes how a Robotic Total Station can be connected to the Proceq GS8000 Subsurface Mapping GPR for mm-accuracy scanning in locations where there might be no satellite coverage or no internet available for location data corrections. See how it's done with a streamlined...