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Application Note

Real-time subsurface mapping connected to a Robotic Total Station

This application note describes how a Robotic Total Station can be connected to the Proceq GS8000 Subsurface Mapping GPR for mm-accuracy scanning in locations where there might be no satellite coverage or no internet available for location data corrections. See how it's done with a streamlined...

Case Study

Evaluating and Codifying Historic Highway Elements Along Island Roads

Pantel del Cueto & Associates LLC needed to record, evaluate and codify potentially historic highway elements along island roads in Puerto Rico that had been impacted by a series of hurricanes. See how the team achieved clear, concise data with intelligent...

Case Study

Detecting and Mapping the Majang Lava Cave World Heritage Site

Geophysical company, His Earth Co. Ltd, needed to confirm the distribution, depth and exact location of the underground Majang lava cave to protect the site before land development. See the details and results of this unique GPR survey on Jeju...