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The world's first Portable Hardness Testing book

The world's first portable hardness testing book
By the inventors of Equotip

Designed to empower engineers with deep knowledge of portable hardness testing theory, practice, applications and guidelines.

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Screening Eagle Technologies is a merger of Dreamlab and Proceq

Decades of knowledge in one comprehensive book

New possibilities
Discover the huge variety of important applications from here on Earth to up in space, and many areas in between.
Industry insights
Explore insider knowledge of surface preparation, data management, conversion, reporting, and more.
Optimal results
See what influences metal hardness testing results and how to choose the most optimal method every time.
Screening Eagle Technologies is a merger of Dreamlab and Proceq

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"As well as being a definitive guide to portable hardness testing, this book is a celebration of continuous innovation and achievement in this specialist field. We invite you to explore this wealth of information about material hardness, optimal methods, standardization, data management, practical applications and more with this one-of-a-kind guidebook."

Marcel Poser, CEO Screening Eagle Technologies



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