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Screening Eagle´s Co-Founders Featured in Pioneers of Progress Docu-series

Nov 01, 2020

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Screening Eagle´s Co-Founders Featured in Pioneers of Progress Docu-series

Screening Eagle were recently selected to feature on the Pioneers of Progress, a popular docu-series by Credit Suisse in collaboration with CBNC Catalyst, showcasing outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders.

Featured on episode 2 of Pioneers of Progress, Screening Eagle´s Co-founders, Marcel Poser and Bruno Valsangiacomo share how the company has been disrupting a traditional industry with innovative technology – sensors, software, and data to provide predictive healthcare for the built world.

Monitoring the structural health of our built environment will help protect and preserve our roads, highways, bridges, and buildings while increasing the value of assets and contributing towards winning the fight against climate change.

Credit Suisse, a bank for entrepreneurs, has been helping innovators bring their visions to fruition since 1856 and their Pioneers of Progress docu-series supports this mission. Credit Suisse identified infrastructure as one of its ´Supertrends´ and they were struck by Screening Eagle´s drive and concrete plan for executing its vision.

"I don't believe when somebody tells me, we’ve always done it like this. There are always better ways." – Bruno Valsangiacomo, Screening Eagle

Watch the full episode and see five lessons from Screening Eagle on building a business that disrupts an entire industry on Credit-Suisse.com.