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Screening Eagle Launches the World's Fastest Solution to Map Corrosion Potential of Reinforced Concrete

Sep 28, 2023

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Screening Eagle Launches the World's Fastest Solution to Map Corrosion Potential of Reinforced Concrete

At the recent #KEY23SET – Built World Tech Keynote event, Screening Eagle introduced the world’s fastest solution to map the corrosion potential of reinforced concrete, the new Profometer PM8500.

Corrosion is the durability issue that is found and reported by inspectors and engineers in concrete structures regularly and is a current major global challenge. The cost of unserviceability, such as bridge closures or unsafe buildings, and the total cost of repair is estimated to be 0.3% of global GDP. This equates to 300 USD billion in 2022 alone.

As a preventive action, it is crucial to estimate the likelihood of corrosion. For that, half-cell potential technology is the most proven and standardized technology in the world. By detecting corrosion early with electrodes, the repair is more targeted, more affordable, and takes less time to implement - making the structure more durable while maintaining its serviceability.

Screening Eagle Technologies’ Proceq has been the leader in the half-cell potential technology with more than 30 years of experience. Now, the company has released the newest generation of half-cell potential technology with the Profometer PM8500 Corrosion.

The new solution offers a state-of-the-art wireless sensor with exceptional flexibility to connect quickly to different electrodes for different applications. With excellent ergonomics, it delivers ultra-precise data at a never-before-seen high speed scanning.

For any type of corrosion inspection, the PM8500 sensor can be connected to either one of the three available electrodes:

-       The Rod Electrode is perfect for small areas and spot measurements on beams or columns.

-       The One-wheel Electrode is adapted for vertical and overhead measurements on walls or ceilings.

-       The productive Four-wheel Electrode is made for large measurements such as building slabs or bridge decks.

The PM8500 sensor comes with the powerful Profometer app software with a flexible, customizable grid, capable of handling up to 50x50 square meters scan capacity. The Profometer app delivers real-time on-site visualizations such as the raw potential map, statistics views, and chipping graph which all help to identify the corroded areas for further investigation and repair. With web-storage functionalities, users can collaborate, report, and share immediately from the field with colleagues or clients.

Together, the sensor and software make the PM8500 an effective solution for any type of corrosion inspection on concrete structures such as underground parking columns, walls, slabs or bridge decks. The light and wireless design with unique wheel electrodes enables the world’s fastest data acquisition with real-time data visualization and analytics.

The new PM8500 Corrosion is set to make tasks much easier for many onsite engineers and consultants as explained by one of Screening Eagle’s partners who tested out the new solution.

“The Profometer PM8500 is a consistent further development of their older corrosion device. The handling is now even more flexible and the application on the construction site is even more efficient and user-friendly. Great work!” - Björn Mühlan, Technical Consultant at TFB AG.

Screening Eagle is now offering the opportunity to experience the new Profometer PM8500 and their other technology solutions for concrete assessment at their upcoming global roadshow events.