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GPR-SLICE Software Joins Forces with Screening Eagle Technologies

Nov 09, 2021

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GPR-SLICE Software Joins Forces with Screening Eagle Technologies

We are pleased to announce that GPR-SLICE and GPRSIM are now part of the Screening Eagle Ecosystem. Founded in 1990 by Dr. Dean Goodman, GPR-SLICE is the gold standard for processing ground-penetrating radar data.

Screening Eagle Technologies is dedicated to the advancement of industry-leading, post-processing software solutions tailored across end-market applications from geotechnical experts to mainstream locators matching high-performance data imaging with intuitive user experience to visualize the subsurface world. GPR-SLICE complements Screening Eagle’s web-based GPR Insights, together forming the leading GPR analysis software suite. Our GPR software suite is open and inclusive to all, with the ability to read data from any GPR source.

“Since beginning our collaboration in 2019, Screening Eagle’s team demonstrated exceptional software development skills and GPR knowledge. I knew it would be a great home for GPR-SLICE. I will continue to support GPR-SLICE users and work with the Screening Eagle team on future developments for GPR-SLICE and GPR Insights.”

Dean Goodman, Founder GPR-SLICE.

Dr. Dean Goodman is staying on as a senior consultant working closely with Screening Eagle’s software team and geotechnical experts to support the GPR community.