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The Inspection Software That’s Capturing More Than Industry Attention

May 31, 2021

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The Inspection Software That’s Capturing More Than Industry Attention

Screening Eagle has released the brand-new version of INSPECT intelligent inspection software at #KEY21SET, keynote and product launch event. INSPECT 2.0 now gives its customers even more advanced capabilities including the much-anticipated Capture and instant 3D model scans.

The INSPECT iOS and web app empower inspectors, engineers, and asset owners to protect the structural health of buildings and infrastructure. With the new INSPECT 2.0, productivity is increased up to 100x thanks to its digital workflow options and new features such as Capture.

Capture has already received a lot of interest from inspection and construction professionals since the concept was announced during the previous Screening Eagle keynote in 2020. It is the new automated photo documentation feature on INSPECT 2.0 that dramatically reduces photo-reporting and documentation time thanks to its ability to capture photos as you are moving around the inspection and automatically or manually pin them to the corresponding location on a 2D view such as a floor plan, sketch or picture.

Users can also now instantly create a full-scale 3D scan replica of the asset and surroundings to build a detailed, digital health record. This paves the way for preventative maintenance as the 3D replicas combined with AI-assisted defect digitalization, and rich data quality of INSPECT 2.0 allow asset owners to make faster and more informed decisions.

Once inspections are complete, detailed and customized inspection reports can be generated in seconds and shared anywhere in the world – a revolution for the inspection industry that saves millions of dollars every year with data availability.

The intelligent inspection software has received many high-rated testimonials from its users including Vinci Technology Centre UK, and TSM C&S Consultants in Singapore who participated in the #KEY21SET event. A veteran civil engineer in Canada recently reported on his experience with INSPECT: “My clients were impressed that I can provide them a report within the same day of the inspection.”

INSPECT 2.0 is available for download now from the Apple Appstore and the company is offering a series of technical webinars for the inspection community.