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Screening Eagle Technologies Welcomes Seiler Geospatial as a New Distribution Partner

May 31, 2022

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Screening Eagle Technologies Welcomes Seiler Geospatial as a New Distribution Partner

Today, Screening Eagle Technologies welcomes Geospatial company, Seiler Instrument, as an Authorized Distributor for Screening Eagle’s technology platform including the Proceq GS8000 subsurface ground penetrating radar (GPR). The partnership is a positive move to facilitate more efficient and faster surveys of the built environment and its subsurface utilities.

Proceq is the world leader in GPR sensor manufacturing and subsurface applications. With the partnership, Seiler Geospatial will leverage Screening Eagle’s technology platform and its powerful software to serve their customers in eight states throughout the Midwest in the United States: Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Seiler’s long history of providing high quality services and surveying equipment is key to understanding the area’s unique geospatial environment.

Screening Eagle has a continued mission to protect the built world with sensors, software and data as global infrastructure ages or new construction begins. With the GS8000, objects can be located and the entire ground beneath the inspection site can be mapped within seconds. Darren Burford, Chief Sales Officer at Screening Eagle Technologies, noted, “We are thrilled to have Seiler onboard as our distribution partners and are excited to see what their customers achieve with our GPRs.” In addition, the intuitive software features high resolution modes to see exactly which area is safe to dig and which is not. All the data gathered is synched to the cloud and remains accessible from anywhere, anytime.

As a Screening Eagle Authorized Distributor, Seiler will now be able to offer its customers the most advanced subsurface mapping systems in the world. Assistant survey sales director Eric Seiler III, “We are honored to be chosen as the first North American Authorized Distributor for Screening Eagle’s revolutionary technology. Now surveyors and mapping professionals can create 3D maps with centimeter accuracy of the underground. The GS8000 is a game-changer for the utilities and inspection industries.” In addition, Seiler will be able to offer Screening Eagle products for concrete inspection and structural imaging of large areas in all buildings or bridge decks.