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Screening Eagle Reveals Groundbreaking New Mobile Mapping System for Subsurface

Sep 29, 2023

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Screening Eagle Reveals Groundbreaking New Mobile Mapping System for Subsurface

At the recent #KEY23SET – Built World Tech Keynote, Screening Eagle launched their revolutionary new mobile mapping system for the underground, the GM8000. The new solution takes subsurface mapping to a much bigger scale with the capability of scanning complete cities, and mapping entire utility networks and airports or highways with ease.

The GM8000 is a fully equipped system to bring subsurface mapping into a new dimension, thanks to the perfect integration of multichannel GPR array sensors, a powerful brain unit, and an intuitive app to control the whole system during data acquisition.

The state-of-the-art Swiss made sensor is designed to be towed by a vehicle and is simple to mount, even by a single person, in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the Screening Eagle patented GPR technology, with its broad bandwidth of stepped frequencies above 3 Gigahertz, The GM8000 always keeps a high dynamic range, providing the highest data quality across all channels - now, at highway speed. 

There are two modules, GX1 and GX2, tailored for near-surface - and deep detection, respectively. This allows the GM8000 to cope with utility mapping, geophysical or archaeological surveys as well as bridge or pavement analysisprojects, with nothing else than a simple click-out and a click-in of the corresponding GPR array module. The modules can be swapped with the new GS9000. It is a truly modular system.

When mapping cities with many buildings, GPS positioning is not always enough. Even when combined with inertial sensors, geo-positions rapidly drift in tunnels or indoors. Screening Eagle’s answer to this with the GM8000 is Visual - Inertial - Positioning. Three technologies combined and integrated into a dependable street mapper that knows precisely where it is, anytime, anywhere.

To visualize all the Gigabytes of geophysical and geospatial information collected, they are accurately plotted into a map on the field computer with not just a GPS trajectory, but a live time slice, so users do not miss out on anything while driving. This opens a completely new dimension for Subsurface Engineers and makes creating a Digital Twin of the underground a possible reality.

To ensure an efficient workflow and the best possible experience when sharing and managing the Big Data collected, the GM8000 comes with a virtually limitless data management system. Furthermore, data post-processing becomes a breeze, even with the largest GPR data sets with the new GPR Insights 3 software as part of the workflow.

Screening Eagle are now offering the opportunity to experience the new GM8000, GM9000 and all their new technologies released at #KEY23SET at the upcoming roadshow events.