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See Deeper Into Concrete: Proceq GP8000 GPR Now Scans Up To 1.5 meters with New Software Update

Jun 16, 2024

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See Deeper Into Concrete: Proceq GP8000 GPR Now Scans Up To 1.5 meters with New Software Update

Today, Screening Eagle Technologies have released an exciting new software capability for Proceq GP8000 GPRs, enabling concrete scanning with high resolution focus up to 150cm / 60 inches deep! This is a world-first for hand-held GPRs for concrete, with only one antenna required.

The new capability is possible thanks to the recently added adjustable time window feature on the Proceq GPR app (GP app) version 5.3. Traditionally, handheld GPRs have fixed time window settings that limit the depths and detail users can see in one scan, but Screening Eagle obliterated those limits in one software update.

Now, GP8000 users can focus on both small shallow objects and deeper objects in the same scan, using the adjustable time window to visualize the different depths on the iPad.

This is great news for engineering and construction firms as, for the first time, they will be able to see what is beyond the concrete at these deeper depths. The advanced depth capabilities will prove invaluable in numerous applications including:

  • Pavement and tunnel inspection
  • Concrete quality assessment
  • Bridge deck investigation
  • Utility & livewire marking
  • Infrastructure planning

Up until now, handheld GPR users have only been able to see up to 80cm in standard concrete, so the adjustable time window will open up new value and possibilities. For example, GP8000 users will now be able to:

  • Work faster, with no need to rescan different depths with different antennas.
  • Inspect thick concrete elements such as foundations, slabs or walls with ease and high efficiency.
  • Deliver better quality assessment with views beyond the concrete layer.
  • Focus on both shallow and deep objects without needing to buy another antenna.

How it works

The GP app features an intuitive user-experience to make things fast in the field. In the Settings area of the app, users can adjust various options to enhance how they view the collected data. This is where users can now adjust the Depth/Time Window (ns).

By moving the slider to the left, towards ‘Shallow’, users reduce the time window to focus on small shallow objects (at 10 ns).

By moving the slider to the right, towards ‘Deep’, users increase the time window (up to 24 ns), enabling them to see objects deep in the concrete or even behind the concrete up to 150 cm / 60 inches for normal concrete.


Thanks to the Proceq GP8000’s stepped frequency continuous wave technology, users achieve exceptional data clarity at all depths.

How to get the new adjustable time window feature

For current users of the Proceq GP8000 and GP app, there is no need to buy anything extra, the new capability comes as an over-the-air update to GP app users.

Once the iPad app is updated to the latest version, users will have immediate access to the new functionality from today.

For more information or product requests, please contact us via the website at ScreeningEagle.com/contact