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Proceq GS8000 transforms GPR locating & mapping industry

Sep 22, 2020

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Proceq GS8000 transforms GPR locating & mapping industry

Launched at the #KEY20SET Screening Eagle Digital Keynote, the GS8000 is a real game-changer. It redefines the entire subsurface GPR space – all frequencies in one device, visualization of deep and shallow targets, centimeter-level global positioning accuracy, on- and off-road use – and it is easy to use, even for newcomers to GPR.

Proceq GS8000 offers an astonishing 50 to 3500MHz modulated frequency range in a single device which means never-seen-before data clarity for shallow and for deep targets. The revolutionary high-resolution mode allows users to literally count closely spaced targets, such as rebar, and to resolve utilities while facilitating deep viewing at the same time – all with a single device and a single scan.

Objects can be located and the entire ground beneath the inspection site can be mapped using the GS8000 which delivers centimeter-level accurate positioning information – within seconds. This is achieved via the included MA8000 plug-in which has unique features setting it apart from anything else in the industry. Out of the box, the MA8000 comes with an integrated real-time correction service, guaranteeing the highest availability of the corrected signals, and is compatible with but works independently of external correction services.

The intuitive software features an innovative high horizontal resolution mode and immediate 3D visualization informs on exactly which area is safe to dig and which is not – or deliverables can be shipped right from the field with one click. All data gathered is synched to the cloud, so never gets lost.

Marcel Poser, CEO of Screening Eagle Technologies commented: “Wherever GPR is the right technology for your subsurface challenges, GS8000 is the answer. Our teams have gone the extra mile to integrate all the functionality that expert users always wanted, while producing a clean software experience that is intuitive for newcomers to GPR. This amazing masterpiece created by our engineers proudly bears the ‘Swiss Made’ logo.”